Tom Faranda


Tom Faranda’s global trends have been on target for over 25 years. He forecasted the rise and fall of Japan, the rise and fall of the Euro and the rise of China as a world power as well as many other trends. Few speakers know the global world from the INSIDE as Tom does. Few speakers have the senior executive and government connections around the world that provide Tom with new, INSIDE knowledge. Tom Faranda is a global executive with much to say and a speaker with the style & substance to say it.

Tom Faranda has been a candidate for the United States Senate, President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago, and the National Accounts Sales Manger for Masonite Corporation. He was named by “Meetings & Conventions Magazine” as ‘one of the most exciting speakers in America’. His books include “Uncommon Sense Leadership”, “The Global Sales Professional” “The Faranda Maxims” and “Global Realities that impact YOUR Bottom Line”(2011). He has published over 100 business articles.

Tom Faranda’s global businesses include Hotels in America and Costa Rica, a global software firm, an ATM firm, a pepper gas business in South Africa, a mobile home venture in S. Africa and a global consulting firm focused on business growth and profit. His clients include CEFCO China, Thermo-King Japan, IBM Europe, Honeywell Global, Ford Canada, General Electric, Vistage Malaysia, Prudential Singapore, St. Thomas USVI and Siemens Germany on five different continents.

Mr. Faranda has earned a B.S., and MBA in International Business and a Doctorate (abd). As an adventurer, he has climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world, raced 100 mile cycling events, competed in triathlons, duathlons, 100 Kilometer ski races and many other events.

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