Gerald Birin


Gerald Birin is CEO of Birfam Advisors, a leading turn-around consultant to troubled companies. Mr. Birin has a track record of over twenty years of fixing and turning around troubled companies, with a particular expertise in the apparel, manufacturing and IT services sectors.

Currently, through Birfam Advisors, Mr. Birin is providing services as CEO of Royal Bermuda, a leading hosiery manufacturer and CIS, an OEM Manufacturer to the computer and consumer appliance industries.

Mr. Birin, through his firm Birfam Advisors, represents numerous national lenders in ensuring that their loan collateral and loans are protected and recoverable when the borrower is in financial distress. Mr. Birin has extensive experience in all areas of in and out of court restructurings, including Chapter 11s, Chapter 7s, pre-packaged bankruptcy filings, ABCs, Article 9 foreclosures, and the like. Mr. Birin is a Certified Public Accountant.



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