Hooray for injections!


I just wanted to pass along my story:

I had been experiencing ED problems for a while. It was getting to the point where I was dreading having sex since I usually was unable to maintain an erection for the time it took for my wife to have an orgasm. When that happened neither of us was very happy. I would drag out the interval between sex which was not a good solution for my wife. And you know “a happy wife is a happy life”. Enter Dr. G. He suggested we use injection therapy and so I had an appointment where I learned how the therapy works and actually how to inject myself. Dr. G. prescribed the right type and amount of medicine that created and maintained an erection. I now don’t have to worry about getting that doubt about losing my erection in my mind during sex that seemed to doom the experience at the first thought. I was also prescribed the “down” medicine which would have been necessary to inject if I became concerned about priapism. I have yet to need the “down” injection presumably because Dr. G. got it “spot-on” in for “up” medicine.

In summary, I am very happy with the injection solution to my ED. I am very confident that our sex will be enjoyable and I no longer have to worry about failing to maintain.

Thank you Dr. G.



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