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I was on Luvox for roughly nine years, 2000-2009 (from ages 15-24). The drug helped my depression immensely and I had no sexual complications to speak for the majority of the time. I actually had quite a strong libido and no performance issues. In 2007 and 2008, however, I began to occasionally suffer from E.D.. In 2009, I noticed my libido significantly lessened, and I decided to go off the drug in October of that year . I tapered off in only 6 weeks. This is what my psychiatrist advised, but I’ve since learned this was far, far too short a taper, and it could very well have contributed to my problem.

About six weeks after going off the drug, I noticed I had no libido whatsoever. Couldn’t achieve arousal, and when I did, there was no pleasure and very little ejaculate produced. In January 2010, after about two months with the condition, a urologist alerted me to PSSD. He stated that it could very well be permanent, and all I could do was wait it out.

The issue remained the same until March, when I randomly had a “wet dream.” I thought this was a sign of impending healing, but there were no other signs that the issue was improving. In mid-May, I found I was able to fantasize and achieve an erection without physical stimulation. Also, my ability to produce ejaculate seemed to return, as well. I was ecstatic, but the good signs disappeared towards the end of the month and I returned to my baseline, libidoless state. In July and September 2009, I experienced weeks similar to those in May. Each time, however, the anhedonia remained. I returned to a libidoless state for a long period of time after September; basically all of October and September, and most of December.

Then things changed drastically. At the end of 2010, my libido returned stronger than ever before and lasted longer–close to two weeks. Also, during this period, I began to experience pleasure from orgasm again. It was like a great cloud had lifted.

It was around this point I learned of Dr. Goldstein–a doctor who acknowledged the problem and had theories on how to improve its symptoms. I made a trip to see him out there in late February, 2011. Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Hartzell and the entire staff were so kind and welcoming, it would have been worth the trip just to speak to Doctors who were working on the problem and had some theories as to its eventual resolution.

But Dr. Goldstein did more than talk to me. He also started me on a treatment plan (as of right now using Cabergoline & Clomiphene). The treatment didn’t bring about an immediate transformation, but the “up” periods are now SIGNIFICANTLY stronger, seemingly close to the my normal, pre-dysfunction level (though I admit it has been so long, I cannot know for sure). They also occur far more often. The episodic nature can be extremely frustrating, but the results have given me confidence to continue with Dr. Goldstein.

I would encourage anyone going through this to give Dr. Goldstein and San Diego Institute a call. The information regarding this subject on the internet can make matters seem overwhelmingly negative and hopeless. That does not necessarily have to be the case. I still have a fight ahead of me (I am a long way away sensation-wise and the “up and down” nature of things is still quite frustrating), but I have seen the endgame. I know my life isn’t over. Keep moving, keep hoping.

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Hi All,

Just a quick update on my situation. I have been in a sexual relationship–my first in several years–for the past several months. The relationship is going very well. I am still dealing with sensation loss and occasional anhedonia, but my life has vastly improved on the whole. The treatment plan Dr. Goldstein devised seems to be working well. Even the anhedonia and sensation loss are not immutable; there are weeks when I feel close to normal. The libido fluctuates, as well, but it does not go nearly as low as it did in 2009-2010 when I had almost no interest in sexual activity. I consider myself lucky. I continue to caution people against SSRI use and their far too under reported dangers. If you are suffering from the symptoms related to the discontinuation of SSRI’s, I would recommend contacting Dr. Goldstein immediately. The information on the internet is despairing, often innaccurate, and usually unhelpful. I wasted far too much time before getting the right kind of help.

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